Happy Tails!

/album/happy-tails/odie-1-jpg/ /album/happy-tails/scan2-jpg1/ /album/happy-tails/ami-iphone-052-jpg1/ Frenchie found a great home, pictured here with 5 year-old Casey. Frenchie lived with us for over a year and finally found someone to give her a chance. They are too cute! /album/happy-tails/img-1524-jpg/ Luke, formerly Lucky, is all smiles several months in his new home. He was a cruelty case, with an embedded collar so horrific that he required emergency surgery. He never stopped smiling. Thanks to David & Tina Reeves for giving him a great home. /album/happy-tails/yodi-with-kathleen-jpg/ Yodi found a home with Kathleen Fanelli of San Antonio! LOVE those ears of his. /album/happy-tails/dscn4605-jpg/ Clairee is off to Corpus Christi to a new life with lots of love! /album/happy-tails/lolaonthecouch-jpg/ Bunnie, now Lola, found a home in the Rio Grande Valley with 2 other pugs and a family that dotes on her. She sleeps in the bed, under covers and loves playing chase in the yard. Lola, you've finally gotten the home you deserve with Sindy & Pete! /album/happy-tails/ali-gilliam-dog-sadie-in-bluebonnets-jpg/ Sadie (closest) enjoys a Texas Spring with her pal, Sopie. Sadie went from homeless to a queen with Alison Gilliam's love! /album/happy-tails/dscn4609-jpg/ Jodi has a new home with Aundie & Eric Fisher. She will have another doggie sibling and this summer, will get a human sibling! Congratulations all around! /album/happy-tails/jodi-eric-and-aundie-fisher-with-bruce-jpg/ Jodi, now Izze (rt) is day 3 in her new home and getting along great with Bruce, who was lonely and destructive and needed a friend. He even shares his bed with her! The Fishers say thanks for showing them Izze, as they were initially looking at others. /album/happy-tails/christian-and-mater-jpg/ Mater's family says, "My son loves him so much...He has been a true blessing to us!" /album/happy-tails/bubbles-in-new-home-jpg/ Bubbles is loving life with the McCue family...and an endless supply of toys and shoes! /album/happy-tails/cutie-jovi-jpg/ Jovi & Cutie love their life of luxury w CJ Thornton! Thanks for sharing! /album/happy-tails/dscn3361-jpg/ Bad weather? No problem! Tuck & Gwen rock fleece hoodies since they were adopted from us! /album/happy-tails/lucky2-jpg/ Lucky, now Luke, needed emergency surgery for an embedded collar. Now, he's happy at home with David Reeves and family! /album/happy-tails/calvin-loves-his-new-home-jpg/ Calvin was adopted in December 2011. He is enjoying his new home… so much that he's already become part of the family! He'll soon be meeting his "brothers" when they come home from college! /album/happy-tails/williard-jpg/ Willard lived at AAP for months when the Vickers chose him. They say he's wonderful and added, "We cannot believe eveyrone passed up this very good dog. We are so lucky." /album/happy-tails/tootsie-jpg/ Tootsie (renamed Savvy) is doing well inner home. Her new owners say "She loves spending time with her new family! Sometimes she is silly and playful other times she just wants to cuddle :)" /album/happy-tails/brandy-corgi-jpg/ Brandy is now loving Jeep Rides and will be a road trip buddy for Elene G. So happy for her! /album/happy-tails/sophie-happy-home-nov-2011-jpg/ Sophie went home with the Webb family in Nov. 2011, and her tail has barely stopped wagging ever since! She plays fetch with her new human sister, loves to go on mile-long jogs, and gets long great with her canine companion! /album/happy-tails/samson-happy-home-2011-jpg/ Samson (now named Oliver) spends his day sitting next to his new Mom and enjoying her company. He is affectionate and content in his new, forever home. His new mom told us that both of them have benefited from this adoption and she couldn't be happier. /album/happy-tails/roscoe-happy-home-jpg/ Roscoe, a 5-year-old English Bulldog was adopted to a family in Victoria. In his new home, Roscoe now has a Shih Tzu sister, Casey, who was aslo adopted from AAP. /album/happy-tails/bailey-k-jpg/ Bailey Kay (now named Emma) was adopted to a League City family in Summer 2011. She spent quite some time in foster care while she was still a puppy so she is now happy to have a family of her own with a canine companion! /album/happy-tails/hank-happy-home-jpg/ Hank, a 2-year-old fawn Great Dane was adopted by Keisha Palmer.Hank went from being a "poudn dog" to a "family dog" with his new canine brother and sister! /album/happy-tails/jack-happy-home-september-2011-jpg/ Jack was so happy to go home today! He was adopted by a family who came from out of town because they saw him on our website. He now has tags and a brand new collar & leash to start his new life with new mommy and daddy :) /album/happy-tails/luna-happy-home-again-jpg/ Here's a sporting shot of Luna out on the water. She was adopted earlier in 2011 and she is be spoiled rotten! She always knew she was a little princess here at the shelter and now she found her kingdom! We're so grateful to her new family for updates! /album/happy-tails/martie-happy-tails-2011-jpg/ Marty (in lap) has quickly fit in with his new family. He has become best friends with James and gets along well with his canine friend! He was adopted in Summer 2011 but it seems as though he's be theirs all along! /album/happy-tails/lola-happy-home-summer-2011-jpeg/ Lola is now quite content in her loving home. She loves the Henrichs especially when they take her to the lake! Lola is being such a good girl in her new home that she even likes the family cat... who would have guessed? /album/happy-tails/wimzy-happy-home-2011-jpg/ Wimzy has quite a spoiled life... can you tell? She was found quite some time ago (about 9 years) with her family after they were dumped at the shelter. Her new owners say she's sassy but they were able to teach her to give kisses! /album/happy-tails/penny-claire-happy-home-jpg/ Penny and Claire are sisters who have been together their whole life. They were fostered and now and are now in their forever homes enjoying each other’s company. Thank you Gerloff family for giving them the home they deserve! /album/happy-tails/a253684-10150212485671305-118537116304-7245897-1104482-n-jpg/ Luna was adopted in May 2011 and is now enjoying a quiet, relaxing nap whenever and wherever she would like. Luna went from shy and quiet to outgoing and playful in her new, forever home. /album/happy-tails/a208304-10150166824696305-118537116304-6822942-1032774-n-jpg/ Here's Taco Bell! He was adopted by his foster family because they just couldn't part with him. He came to our shelter with barely any hair and teeth… his foster family has fixed that now and he’s happier than ever. /album/happy-tails/a216569-10150164682056305-118537116304-6803928-5047448-n-jpg/ Diana (on the left) was adopted March 2011. As you can tell she has already settled in and made that new home hers! She loves her new buddy and don't they look like twins?! /album/happy-tails/roxy-happy-home-march-2011-jpg/ Roxy, an adult Weimaraner, entered her loving, forever home in March 2011. She is loved by her new mommy and daddy and now lives in Corpus where she has lots of activities to keep her busy. Her new canine brother "Jay" and her are now best of friends! /album/happy-tails/roo-moo-and-sister-kia-jpg/ Roo (formerly known as Moo) and his new "sister" Kia are enjoying the easy life together. Little did we know... but he loves to ride in the car! He is learning new commands and his new family learned quickly that he will do anything for a treat :) /album/happy-tails/snookie-lily-feb-2011-jpg/ Lily (Formerly Snookie) is doing fantastic in her forever home. She plays with toys and has recently learned to lay down on command. She gets along well with her furry friends and has doing her best to forget her past. /album/happy-tails/booth-bones-happy-home-feb-2011-jpg/ Booth (previously known as Bones) was adopted by Natalie Paige Malik in February 2011. He now enjoys his life of cat naps and lounging as you can tell by his photo. His new mom says he even likes to give kitty kisses... how sweet! /album/happy-tails/a2-18-11-001-jpg/ Willard is loving little guy who has fit right in at his new home. Him and his "sister" Sadie Marie have become the best of friends! His new owners say "Willard's goal in life is to please and he wants to love and be loved." So glad for him! /album/happy-tails/pipo-february-2011-jpg/ Pipo was adopted to the Trojcak family on his 1st Birthday. He will now enjoy his second chance at a happy life in his new forever home. /album/happy-tails/holly2-jpg/ This lucky puppy was adopted by her foster family! She will be renamed shortly but we're so excited she will stay in the home she is now used to. Lots of love there! /album/happy-tails/caspian-casper-schlenker-family-winter-2010-jpg/ Casper (formerly known as Caspain) is enjoying life with his new family, the Schlenkers. He came to us with a damaged leg, and after much medical attention he is now a happy, healthy, three-legged Standard Poodle. /album/happy-tails/worsley-pets-jpg/ Radar, Kira, and Rocky were all adopted by Michelle Worsley over the past 6 years. They are loved by their mommy and wouldn't have life any other way! Thanks Michelle for being their FURever home :) /album/happy-tails/img-2443-jpg/ "Ronnie, now named Marley is doing GREAT!!!"-- can you tell his new family loves him? He love their home and is doing spectacular with their infant! Not only does he have a new human sister, he also has some canine friends to live with! /album/happy-tails/kensey-kay-jpg/ Kensey was adopted to a family in Monroe, La on October 29th, 2010. The Lords, mom, dad, daughter Abagail and tiny baby sister Brooklyn welcomed Kensey into a wonderful home. She went from a puppy with no hair to a beautiful young dane! /album/happy-tails/a5159998443-b2057af11d-b-jpg/ Jake the "labradoodle" is loving his new home. He enjoys the grandkids and minds his manners already! Flipping through the pictures from his new mommy, it seems he knows how to shake already! /album/happy-tails/caspian-happy-tails-jpg/ Caspian got his forever home... and boy is he happy! He love his new sister, Lucy, and he is already part of the family. He started off as a injured and neglected animal that was released at the Victoria City/County Animal Shelter and now, se /album/happy-tails/lil-jon-jpg/ Lil Jon has now received the home he truly deserved. All the employees and volunteers at AAP loved this cat and he got a home that is purrrrfect for him! He has children to play with as he enjoys his indoor lifestyle. We wish him and his new family the be /album/happy-tails/dscn2190-jpg/ Queenie, a little schnauzer/rat terrier, got her new home during the Rescues & Runways event hosted by Maurices in Victoria Mall. They had been eyeing her for a while and they decided now was the time to take this pooch home! (Sept. 2010) /album/happy-tails/cody-dante-september-09-jpg/ Dante (AAP's Cody) was adopted in September '09 to a wonderful family. He shared one "big day" with his family and he looks like one happy and spoiled baby! /album/happy-tails/a100-1357-jpg/ Friday (AAP's "Cosmo") loves his new home! He is fetching, running, and thoroughly enjoying the kids! He loves to chill on their sofa and even loves to go for car rides! Thanks to the Oldag family for giving this furry boy a new home in Sept '10. /album/happy-tails/edge-jpg/ Edge, a spunky beagle, was adopted in June 2008. He has a habit of stealing socks and hoarding them at his post on the front couch. He enjoys living the beagle life along with his beagle brother. Smelling, sleeping and socks is what Edge lives to do! /album/happy-tails/holly-jpg/ Holly, adopted in Dec 2008, had a "ruff" start after being found abandoned behind a retail store. She's since been adopted to a loving family who enjoys her energy! She loves to follow her parents around and is already potty trained. What a smart girl! /album/happy-tails/kobi-jpg/ Kobi, adopted in Feb '09, was fostered by a long time AAP volunteer. With his forever family, he now lives with his furry sister, Abby. Kobi is well mannered and very talkative. His family couldn't believe it was him after he left the groomers too! /album/happy-tails/julianna-jpg/ Julianna, adopted in Jan 2009, is not a kitten but due to her curiousty and playfulness, her family thinks she almost is! Julianna spent time at the shelter while no one seemed to notice her- until her family came along! She knew it was meant to be! /album/happy-tails/jackson-jpg/ Jackson, adopted in Nov 08, is adored by his new family! He has become best buds with one of their Boston Terriers. He enjoys relaxing after a good belly rub and loves to fall asleep in his peoples arms. Jackson, as you can see, is dearly loved! /album/happy-tails/abby-jpg/ Abby, adopted in July '08, loves to picks out all of her red pieces from her Beneful first. She also loves to sneak into the cat's bed when she's gone, even though she has her own bed! Miss Abby was a bit shy at the shelter but is sure not anymore! /album/happy-tails/chillin-jpg/ Little kitten Moxie, adopted in Nov. 2008 is living the spoiled life and can't get enough of her toys! What a great change after starting off her first few days of life on the streets! /album/happy-tails/tiffanys-family-jpg/ Border Collie mix, Tiffany, was adopted by the Johnson Family in Dec. 2008. She has blended right in and loves all her many treats they give! Tiffany enjoys chasing deer in her back yard too! /album/happy-tails/carly-jpg/ Carly, adopted in '01, has been in the Christmas parade several times and once had her rescue story featured on Chicken Soup for the Soul dog food bags! She loves to chase birds out of the yard and bark. Carly knows she is living the good life! /album/happy-tails/ikey-jpg/ Ikey, adopted in Dec '08, is an upbeat puppy who couldn't wait to find his forever home! Ikey likes to jump, run and play fetch with a red tennis ball. Ikey, his brother and his mom have all found great homes already! What a great ending for them all. /album/happy-tails/sam-todd-jpg/ Sam, a cocker spaniel, was adopted in Dec 2008. His family has been pleasantly surprised by how well he has been doing with the potty training and how he listens so well. Sam is very happy to start living out his "golden" years with his new loving family! /album/happy-tails/cassie-jane-jpg/ Cassie Jane, adopted in July 07, was shy but after a few weeks in her new home, she really blossomed. Cassie is a happy go lucky girl and loves everybody. If Cassie is not trying to get her sister to wrestle, she's outside digging for locusts in the yard. /album/happy-tails/millie-jpg/ Millie, adopted in Oct '06, is adored by her parent's grandaughter, Hannah, and loves to be around her. Millie is friendly and everyone who meets her falls in love with her! She lives with two dogs and a cat and has her own special house chair! /album/happy-tails/zoah-jpg/ Zoah, adopted in '09, is a sweet puppy who is gradually gaining wait and growing up! Her family has been able to teach her a few tricks like sit, lay, high five, and roll over. She has definitely won over her new parents! /album/happy-tails/snuffy-jpg/ Snuffy, a Persian adopted in Aug '07, considers herself a "Princess" and expects to be called it! She lives a hard life of grooming, sleeping and eating. Snuffy enjoys her daily treat of canned food and loves to be pampered. So spoiled! /album/happy-tails/minnie-jpg/ Minnie, a well rounded girl, was adopted by a long time AAP volunteer and her family. She enjoys stealing pork chops and butter off her family's table and believes she is the head of household. Minnie is still working on "loosing weight"!!! /album/happy-tails/katy-jpg/ Katy was adopted from AAP's Main Street building in '03. In this pictures she is relaxing in the recliner with her sister and best buddy. Katy is a dainty and shy little girl but has learned a few tricks from her sister, like barking at the UPS truck! /album/happy-tails/binky-cute1-jpg/ Binky, adopted in Oct '08, was an energetic stubborn boy at the shelter but has turned into a sweet heart in his new home! Binky loves going to his Doggie Daycare and can't get enough of the dog park. He has turned into a free spirited boy! /album/happy-tails/cocodressr-jpg/ Coco, adopted in '08, may weigh only 4 pounds but this little girl can run with the big dogs! Coco is a sweet girl who likes lots of attention from her mommy. She also likes the outdoors and stretching out in the sun. She's one spoiled baby! /album/happy-tails/chubby-loretta-jpg/ Chubby, adopted in Aug '07, loves to follow his mother around everywhere. He considers himself a human and not a dog! Chubby loves to snuggle and tends to sleep right on his mother in bed. Chubby goes everywhere his mother goes! /album/happy-tails/spoiled-kitty-jpg/ Kiki, a Domestic Medium Haired cat adopted in Jan '06, loves to be the boss! This little girl considers herself in charge and will stand up to anyone who challenges her. She enjoys sitting at the window and staring at all her birdies! Such a cutie! /album/happy-tails/hooch-jpg/ Hooch, adopted in Feb '09, is a big and beautiful bull mastiff who has found his dream home! He lives now with another rescued dog, a small terrier. Hooch hasn't met a stranger and loves everyone! He's still a puppy and loves to play too. /album/happy-tails/francis-jpg/ Francis, adopted 2005, is a fun, out going dog. She loves walks, and giant squeaky toys, especially the cotton-insides. Although she is a lover to her family, she isn't much of a lover when it comes to hermit crabs! /album/happy-tails/bandit-jpg/ Bandit enjoys chasing squirrels and investigating everything! He loves snuggling with mommy and sleeping on daddy's pillow when he is gone. And don't open a car door,he'll jump right in and wait for you to take him for a ride! He's such a happy boy now! /album/happy-tails/millie2-jpg/ Millie, 4 month old dausand cross adopted by Colton and Bailey Powell in April 2009. Millie was welcomed to her new home by big brother Bowzer, bosten terrier mix. Colton is a AAP volunteer on ocassions. Bailey is a Jr. Volunteer for AAP on ocassions. /album/happy-tails/snowflake-jpg/ Snowflake, a deaf dane, was adopted on on March 12, 2009 to a family in San Antonio. Snowflake is welcomed to 3 young children and two animals friends. Snowflakes new parents wanted a dane with special needs. Here she is on the left with her 2 siblings! /album/happy-tails/brandy-wine-jpg1/ Brandy Wine, a female Dane puppy, was adopted in July 2009. She now lives with her military family and has 3 energic kids to play with! Brandy also has a 4 month Irish Setter friend to grow up with. /album/happy-tails/zoey-jpg/ Zoey was adopted to a wonderful Forever Parents , Rebecca and Jonathan Candela from Katy, Texas. Zoey is welcomed by 2 rescued greyhounds as pet friends and 3 children to watch over. Zoey is doing well and grown to love her new parents very much. /album/happy-tails/ike-jpg/ Ike, adopted in May 2009, is now living the spoiled life! His family has since moved to Austin and Ike enjoys the dog parks where he has made lots of friends. Ike is a Whippet and gets lots of compliments on his shiny coat and muscular build. /album/happy-tails/dayzee-maye-jpg/ Dayzee Maye, a 2 1/2 year old great dane was in 7/2009 to a wonderful set of parents from Houston, Texas. Dayzee will be welcomed to pet friends, a BlueTic Beagle and 2 cats. Dayze will also have two children to watch over, ages 12 and 15 years. /album/happy-tails/buckshot-adopted-jpg/ Buck was adopted 8/31/09 to Don and Joan Guellet of Victoria. He is welcomed to his new home by his brothers, Hector and Anslo, who also came from Adopt A Pet. We thank Mr. & Mrs. Guellet for providing Buck with such a wonderful forever home. /album/happy-tails/chupa-jpg1/ Chupa, adopted in Summer 2009, is a hyper and fun dog who loves to play! She takes her toys outside through the doggie dog and sneaks in sticks! She love to hide food outside and in her couch. Chupa loves her new home and her other doggie sibling. /album/happy-tails/luke-sister-xiema-jpg/ Luke was adopted 9/2009 to Mr. & Mrs. Albert Antengelei of Kingwood. He is joined into the family by a little sister Xiema, 4 months old. Here's Luke, on right, posing with his new sister, Xiema. /album/happy-tails/daisey-marie-jpg/ Daisy Marie (now Shady Lady) is welcomed into the loving family of Ric Mari. Daisy loves her new home where she runs and plays with her new human brother and sister. /album/happy-tails/onceadopted-jpg/ "Once" was adopted on October 09 during our Baby Shower at the Victoria Mall Event. He was part of 11 puppies that were in foster care who have found loving homes. Thank you Sarah Benavides and her Mom Aurora! /album/happy-tails/lily-jpeg/ Lily was adopted by the Kinnison Family in Feb. 2009. She loves to romp and play. Even though she is about 50lbs now she thinks she is still 7lbs and tries sitting in our lap. She loves her rawhides and her brother Shiner. /album/happy-tails/shiner-jpeg/ Shiner was adopted by the Kinnison Family in Mar. 2009. He is a cuddler and loves to be in his parents lap. He loves his sister Lily and acts like he is a big boy! We thank the Kinnison family for adopting 2 dogs from us and giving them a great home! /album/happy-tails/justdawg-dog-jpg/ The Walyuchow Family adopted these adorable babies, Just Dawg and Mr. Chow during the Puppy Shower at the Mall on October 2009. These two puppies were from a litter of 11 that were all fostered, then adopted. Thank you so much to the Funkhauser family! /album/happy-tails/kingsley-newhome-jpg/ 5 year old Kingsley was rescued from the City Shelter and had a benign tumor removed from his side by our vets. He has recovered fabulously and lives with 2 rabbits and a Dachshund! He especially loves to snuggle in bed with his new mom! /album/happy-tails/sweet-sue-jpg1/ Rolando Escobedo adopted Sweet Sue at the Puppy Shower held at the mall on October 2009. This puppy was from a litter of 11 and were all fostered, and adopted into great homes. We thank Rolando for giving Sweet Sue such a wonderful home. /album/happy-tails/princessleah-jpeg/ Princess Leah was adopted Feb '10 to a family from Spring, Texas. Already, Princess Leah has made herself at home. She is also welcome by a 10 month old sister Harley. /album/happy-tails/confetti-jpg/ Obi-Wan, adopted in May '09, has adjusted very well to living with his new family. He loves to play with his human sibling and has lots of friends in the neighborhood. Obi-Wan is spoiled rotten and for one time being homless, he knows how good he has it! /album/happy-tails/boozalisfamily-jpg/ Thank you Boozalis family for adopting all 5 of these cuties from AAP from over the past 10 years! The most recent adoptions have been Tiny Tim and Teeny in November 2009. Their dogs all have a similar look and are being held by each family member! /album/happy-tails/ralph-jpg/ Ralph, adopted Aug '09, is a playful boy who adores his new mom. He loves car rides where he enjoys putting his face to the A/C and sleeps routinely with his mom in bed. Ralph loves the neighborhood dogs and has the energy of a puppy at times! /album/happy-tails/pica-chica-jpg/ Pica (on left) was adopted from AAP and her family has since added Chica (on the right) so they could play together. They are happy little girls and love treats and attention. They are spoiled rotten, but worth it as they add so much joy and love! /album/happy-tails/a100-4421-jpg/ Chuck Holly, a harlinquin Great Dane who was rescued from the Victoria City/County Animal Shelter, began as a neglected dog but has ended up being a loving, couch potato! The Tsuch family welcomes him with many animal and people family members! /album/happy-tails/dscn4536-jpg/ Pinky, adopted Dec 09, she loves to cuddle and gives hugs to her parents neck & softly touches their face! Pink is a "cuddle bug" and has fit right in as a part of her new family. /album/happy-tails/harley-jpg/ Harley, a black/white merle great dane, 2 yrs old was adopted December 19,2009 during our Adoption Day at Victoria Mall. Harley was adopted by Linda Burrows of Arts. Etc. She loves her new mother and her two daushand friends. /album/happy-tails/princess-jpg/ Princess, a 6yr old Mini Schnauzer, was adopted to her home in July '08 and she has been spoiled ever since! She's best friends with her "human" brother who is 5 yrs old. She loves going to get groomed and playing outside. Princess is a lucky girl! /album/happy-tails/olive-oil-jpg/ Olive Oil was adopoted Jan 2010 by a wonderful new family. She has joined a family with 5 chihuahas, an older canine sister and a 4 year old human sister. She had a rough start but now has a great future!